Tree Removal Process

The tree removal process is not as hard as you think it would be. It is actually relatively simple and straightforward. The problem arises because it is dangerous and can lead to fatal injuries or even costly damages to property. It is therefore best to hire a tree removal expert. It might be expensive but it will save you a lot in the damages and injuries that you will be able to avoid. However, if you have a smaller tree and are determined to remove it, the tree removal process will involve:

Safety First

The first thing that you need to consider when it comes to tree removal is safety. You already know how dangerous the process can be. Safety equipment should always be worn. The protective glasses help to keep out any splinters from your eyes. The gloves will protect your hands while safety boots will protect your feet. Having sturdy knee pads running from the knee to the ankle is an added measure that should be in place. This is because the chain saw might experience a thrust if you hit a nail or any other object causing kickback. This equipment will protect your legs so you don’t cut yourself. That would be especially gruesome with a chainsaw.

Do Not Do It Alone

If you are determined to cut a tree from your compound, call a few friends to help you with it. They will come in handy when you need to direct the fall of the tree. This can be a life-saving moment especially when the tree takes a different fall direction threatening your life or property. When you have friends over, you can account for mistakes and have a failsafe in place to rectify the situation.

Plan Ahead

You should not go ahead with the tree removal process in a hurry. It is important to start with the basics and work your way up to cutting the tree. First you need to assess the compound. Is it clear? What direction is the tree going to fall? You need to consider all these factors because a runaway tree can fall on your house, your neighbor’s house, someone’s car or even a fence. This is costly to replace or repair. Additionally, the tree could fall on you and this will definitely lead to severe injuries.

Planning ahead will also require you to think about how you are going to dispose of the tree. Will you use it to light your fireplace or do you need to get rid of the wood? Additionally, are you going to grind the stump or leave it in the compound for a while? All these plans will help you to have a way forward even before you get to cut the tree.

Cut the Tree

The last step is to cut the tree. Tie a rope around the tree so you can guide the tree if it falls in the wrong direction. Now cut a v-shaped notch on the tree on the fall side. Cut another notch on the opposite side and get out of the fall area.


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