Preparation for Tree Removal

Before you employ any tree removal techniques, there are a number of things that you should do to ensure that the process runs smoothly. DIY tree removal techniques might be effective but they are not the best. This is because you run the risk of causing damage or getting injured. This is why it is advisable to get tree removal services from an expert or a certified arborist. However, if you still want to cut down the tree on your own, you need to:

Assess the Tree

First you must know your tree. You should not cut down a tree if you do not know what state it is in. as you make your first v-cut, the structural stability of the tree will determine how deep the cut should go. If, for example, your tree is weak, you should not make such a deep first cut as the tree could start falling before you are clear of the fall area. However, if your tree is hard and sturdy, you would need to make a deeper incision knowing that the tree might still take a long time to start falling.

If you want to know whether the tree is weak and easy to remove or sturdy and hard to deal with, knock on the bark. If there is a hollow sound, the tree is hollow and weak and will require a lighter incision to get the process started. The opposite is true if there is no hollow sound.

Prepare Your Equipment

Next, you will need to prepare your equipment. You need a ladder, rope, axe or chainsaw and protective gear. If you do not have any of these, you would need to go to the department store to purchase the equipment. This is expensive and you should think of using the money on a professional tree removal expert instead. However, if you have a neighbor who can lend you any of these tools, you would save on money and still be able to carry out the process on your own.

The other thing that you need to consider in equipment preparation is troubleshooting. Ensure that all the equipment is working as it should. This reduces the probability of an accident occurring because of faulty tools.

Clear the Area

Before you start on your tree removal technique, clear the area around the tree. You should not have any thing that could be destroyed during the fall. If you have permanent structures such as houses, fences or trees, pave out a fall area so that the tree does not fall on these structures or plants.

After this you can now remove your tree. You should have some friends helping you out. They will help to direct the tree towards the prescribed area if it appears to be falling in the wrong direction. To start off the tree cutting process, make a v-shaped incision on the side of the tree fall. Make another incision of the same nature on the other side so the tree can fall. It is important to remember that you would need to remove extensive branches before cutting the tree if you have any.


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