Tree Removal Techniques

Having plants can improve the value of your compound. Trees help to purify the air, provide shade, fruit and homes for birds and other animals. They are good for aesthetics as well as for the environment. That is why cutting a tree can be so sad. However, it might be necessary.

Tree removal techniques come in handy when you want to remove a tree from your compound. Removing trees can only be done by cutting. The techniques differ depending on the size of the tree, the structure as well as the tools that you plan on using for the process.


In order to remove a tree, you will need an axe or a chain saw. Using an axe is more manual and you run the risk of hurting yourself while hacking the tree. On the other hand, chain saws are dangerous because they are power tools. You could injure yourself using the tool whether or not you are cutting the tree. It is therefore important to take precaution. Wear all of the protective equipment. That is: gloves, hard boots, protective goggles or glasses. Each of these has a special role to play in protecting you if anything goes wrong while cutting the tree.

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Prior Preparation

Before you start cutting a tree, you should check around to see anything that the tree could potentially fall on. This includes a house, kennel, car, fence or even other trees. This will help you to estimate the area of the fall as you cut the tree. You do not want to destroy your property, or even worse, your neighbor’s property trying to remove a tree from your yard. You should have a few friends in place with a rope that they can gently tug on to direct the fall of the tree.

The Process

After you have completed the above processes, the next thing is to cut the tree down. For this, you will need to make a v-cut on the side that the tree is supposed to fall towards. The v-cut should resemble an orange slice and should not be more than a third into the trunk of the tree. This incision should be made at knee-length and should not go above your hip area. After this, make another incision on the other side of the tree. The two incisions should almost meet in the middle.

After making these incisions, you need to consider the direction to run to. This path should have been cleared before the tree-cutting started. Walk fast or run to get away from the fall area of the tree. You should not be running towards the direction of the tree fall.


Cutting smaller trees is easier than removing the bigger ones. The problem with doing it yourself is that you could end up injuring others or damaging valuable property. It is therefore best to get a tree removal expert or an arborist if you want to get rid of a tree in your compound. This might be cheaper in the long run and safer as well. FOr more information go to tree service in Wichita KS


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